James Ward Mansion

James Ward Mansion

The James Ward Mansion has been called “The Best Kept Secret” in Union County.
The sheer magnificence of the 24 foot ceilings, gold gilded architectural detail, spiral staircases, fireplaces, and French appointments set the atmosphere of unsurpassed elegance and charm. Exquisitely lit, this multi-faceted layout offers stately ambiance, privacy, and comfort, for your prestigious and noble affair. The sky lit garden atrium room, with dramatic working fountain, creates an air of sophisticated romance. A perfect setting for your event!

Grand Salon

The mammoth crimson-hued Grand Salon, adorned with 18th century French appointments, is often chosen as the backdrop for wedding ceremonies. The Grand Salon, an enormous room boasting 24-foot ceilings, has a view of the entire downtown through French doors and elegant second and third floor verandas. Beautiful furniture compliments the polished wood floors, which continue through the entire mansion. The fireplace, and mirror above it, reaches the third floor while a walk-around balcony looking down into the Grand Salon surrounds the other walls. Throughout the mansion the walls bear a magnificent collection of artwork from around the world. The ornate trim creates a stately atmosphere.

The Garden Atrium

Beyond the Library is a spacious, airy and breathtaking space called the atrium. Filled with lush green plants, marbled flooring, and naturally lit by a glass-domed roof, the working fountain flows ambiance for guests to gather and sip cocktails while being fed extraordinary hors d’ oeuvres. James Ward mingled a Spanish/French flavor in the True New Orleans style, as guests navigate past trails of verdant plant and an elaborate fountain is discovered.

The Chapel

Specially selected by James Ward, a 300 year old gate from Cairo was modified with the addition of a crucifix. Many guests choose to have their nuptials in the radiant white chapel, while guests look on from the surrounding balcony. Stained glass windows depicting Saint Patrick and Saint Brigid, salvaged from a charred church on the “Port” section of Elizabeth, guard the altar where a chalice is placed

The Library

The Library, contains a reproduction of the “The Young Martyr” Paul Delaroche’s depiction of St. Sebastian (the original hangs in The Louvre), landscape paintings by Hebe, one of which details an Irish cemetery, shelves of first edition books and a warm welcoming fireplace.

The Kitchen

Meeting all of the required commercial standards, the beauty of the mansion’s kitchen attracts guests who want to witness the delectable dishes. Enjoy premier cuisine in the graciousness of The James Ward Mansion in Westfield creating wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

The Dining Area

The dining area, which seats 20, is dominated by a table crafted from one solid piece of mahogany. Built especially for the mansion, James Ward explained that the table resembles a piece of the Frick collection.

The Guest Room

The French guest bedroom is hued in a rich midnight blue. “The Vampire” by Edvard Munch, the original which hangs in the MMA, decorates the wall next to the bed, to further enhance the comfort of this beautiful guest room.

The Master Bedroom

The Master bedroom, appointed with candelabrums is an indulgence for the eye. This Room is an exact reproduction from the period, down to every last measurement and appointment.