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Erin D.
I have known Norma going on 5 years now and never have I seen or experienced her going half way on a project, either in business or personally. She always dives in head first in order to get whatever is needed done, well within the designated deadline and budget. I highly recommend her organizing skills when it comes to event planning because you will NOT be disappointed!

Rachel R.
Norma’s dedication to detail is evident in her work. She adds creative personal touches that elevate the quality of the event. Norma is highly organized and ensures all events are timely. I have attended multiple events she coordinated and found them to be well run and expertly executed.

Diane M.
I cannot say enough about Norma! She is extremely professional, highly creative and her attention to detail is impeccable. She plans each and every event as if it were her very own. The company events she planned were continually successful and always ran exceptionally smooth. They were always “the talk of the office” the next day. I would highly recommend Norma for any type of event you are planning. She is the best!

Laura B.
Norma did a wonderful job planning my event. Her sensitivity towards what I wanted, her diligence in making sure everything was properly planned out, and her energy in making sure that each detail was perfect was remarkable. She is creative and knowledgeable and resourceful. A very effective communicator, she was able to work collaboratively with several people to efficiently guide my event. Norma does high quality work with a professional manner. I highly recommend her!

Brigid G.
Picture an empty ballroom or warehouse, a table dressed with only a white table cloth; these are a blank canvas for Norma. I have witnessed her handy work at several events; she makes these things explode with style and flair. Her imagination and design capabilities give her just what any event needs to stand apart from the ordinary. Norma is the only event planner I have ever dealt with who clearly has OCD. This is a good thing! Her focus, determination and organization have made my life all the easier. Whether I have a large event to plan or a small party to throw, I call Always & Forever Events and leave everything in Norma’s very capable hands.

Marijean M.
I highly recommend Norma Alvarez-Martin as an Event Planner. She is professional, creative, responsive and detail oriented. Norma worked for me managing corporate events for 3 years and our guests always raved about the events. I also hired her to oversee my daughter’s wedding because I knew I could trust her to handle the details I could not while fulfilling my social obligations. I have always been completely satisfied Norma’s work ethic and her ability to make every event special as well as successful.

Karen M.
Norma worked directly for me handling corporate event planning and implementation of our various corporate activities. She did an excellent job searching and recommending the venues as well as the organization and coordination of all aspects of the event. She handled everything from planning and running activities, to selection of restaurants and menus to printed materials and give-a-ways. The events went off effortlessly. When it came time for my son to get married I hired Norma to run specific activities during the reception as well as create and handle the gift bags at the hotel. Again, all went smoothly. I highly recommend Norma to handle corporate and personal events to guarantee a well planned and executed party.

Gabrielle B.
I had the pleasure of working with Norma for my wedding this past September and it was a fantastic experience! She worked with my mother and I from start to finish, to ensure that every detail went according to plan. When we were ambiguous, she provided inspiration. When we were unsure, she gave us vision and confidence. She was professional and enthusiastic through every communication, which completely erased any stress and tension throughout the planning stages. Norma was consistent and reliable every step of the way! We had total confidence that she would go above and beyond to ensure that the Wedding was everything I imagined! Norma is a godsend in the industry and I would recommend her to any of my friends!

Sheralyn R.
Dedication and detail; careful and meticulous: these are words to describe Norma. Having known her for over 18 years, she has shown dedication in her relationships as well as her work. She has a keen eye for detail. She is careful in all she produces and meticulous in getting the best price for things. Norma is just a fantastic person!